What Is Product Research Service?

Only products have a chance to enter the market and be selected by customers, that designed, manufactured and priced according to the needs of customers, and create comparative advantages compared to competitors' products. Another reason that highlighting need of product research, is change in position of product in ‘product lifecycle (PLC)’. This change occurs due to the sales promotion activity of competitors, form experience and arise new needs in customers.

Our Product Research Model

A product is a service to meet customer needs. Therefore, only a product is accepted by the customer and paid for it, that it can be created value at a higher level than their needs and expectations. Understanding this complexity and design a product based on them, require research. Our research model considers different factors from industry, market, customer, distribution, advertising and brand to examine different aspects. We also consider the impact of macro factors on different aspects that affecting product related decisions.

Our Products

In order to expedite the delivery of Product research services
we design different reports based on the needs of our customers.

PESTELI Analysis for Product

Product Design Requirement (PDR) Analysis

Product Lifecycle Analysis

Product Development Plan (PDP)

Competitor’s Product Analysis

Price Structure Analysis

Pricing Strategy

Product Trend Analysis and Forecast

Our Customers

We have ability to do research for various questions in industry.
So our customers have been categorized according to their questions.

Who want to determine customer opinions about their products or services

Who want to develop their product and service based on the needs, attitudes and behavior of customers

Who want to evaluate their product status in product life cycle

Who want to assess their product portfolio

Who want to produce product or service for news segment of customer (internal or external)

Who want to know why customers prefer competitors' products or service

Who want to know why customers are not loyal to their product or service

Who want to know how to price their product or service

Who want to know why players in distribution system does not intended to sell their products

Who want to know what is the appropriate distribution map for their products

Who want to know their products and services should have what features

Who want to know what messages and medias are suitable for advertising their products and services

Who want to know how their products and services should be branded


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We are with you from beginning of identifying issues to turning them into research objectives and execute project. For do that, just keep in touch with us.

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