What Is Distribution Research Service?

Distribution as a process of delivering the right product to the right customer from right channels, is one of the key segments of the marketing process. Companies with different size, have different strategies in the distribution system. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), due to the significant cost of private distribution system, prefer to deliver their products through intermediaries. While large companies prefer to create a dedicated distribution system. Regardless of type of distribution system, creating competitive advantage in market, depend on the performance of the distribution system.

Our Distribution Research Model

Distribution costs determine a significant portion of final product price. This is particularly prominent in the export target market selection. Therefore, it is necessary to select target market (domestic or foreign) based on distribution cost, system and other considerations. Our comprehensive model for distribution research consider various factors from industry, market, customer, product, advertising and brand in distribution. In addition, we will investigate the impact of macro factors in order to provide sustainable solutions.

Our Products

In order to expedite the delivery of Distribution research services
we design different reports based on the needs of our customers.


PESTELI Analysis for Distribution

Distribution Channel Analysis

Distribution Channel Audit

Competitor’s Distribution Analysis

Our Customers

We have ability to do research for various questions in industry.
So our customers have been categorized according to their questions.

Who want to evaluate their distribution system

Who want to identify the appropriate distribution system for distributing their product in new markets

Who work in distribution sector

Who want to find right position in distribution system to present their products


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